From the Heart of Cindy!

Martin and I have been ministering in the Texas prisons for the last 3 years now. We got our start at Dawson State Jail by teaching, preaching and baptizing over 450 men and women and countless others were lead to Christ (To God be the Glory). It is an overwhelming blessing that God has chosen us to be a part of a ministry that honors Him by teaching/preaching the gospel and making disciples of men and women throughout the world. When Dawson State Jail closed in Aug. 2013, we were able to continue going into numerous prisons throughout Texas, by partnering with the Behind the Walls Ministry (Bill Glass – Champions for Life). This allowed us to continue to share our testimonies, win souls to Christ and even take photos inside the prisons.

After praying and asking God for direction in our prison ministry, He answered our prayers by opening another door for us to have a 2.5 hour church service (once a month) inside the San Saba Women’s Prison Unit. We are able to praise and worship and share the word of God to these hungry souls and many lives are being changed, souls being saved and others rededicating their lives.

Our Writing Ministry in which we write 450+ women a month continues to grow as we mentor women and share the gospel through writing and show these ladies that they have not been forgotten and we now have many volunteers assisting us with this labor of love. The monthly group mail out includes copies of letters written by 3 or 4 volunteers, a monthly devotional and a growing number of women are receiving individual lettersfro several of our Volunteers. We even have a 4 part - Correspondence Bible Study (by Joyce Coker – “Sin, Consequences and Forgiveness”) that rewards the inmate with a certificate upon completion.

Staying in contact with the women coming out of prison is so important, so we put together care package of clothing, toiletries, a Bible and whatever goodies we might have at the time of release. I personally try to meet up with these ladies when/if they move away from Dallas and if needed, send a care package to them through the mail and encourage them to find a new church home. Most of these ladies have few possessions and are scared because being locked up for do long, or not having any one that they can rely on. Many of them tend to migrate back to the negative place they came from and they will call for support and prayer.

To even further the mission work that God has called us to do, we are duplicatng our efforts in other countries (Belize and Columbia) by preaching, sharing, teaching, and praying in faith for salvation and changed lives by mentoring through the writing ministry to the hurting and lost.

God is working through so many to give vision, hope and inspiration to the lost and weary and to let others know that our strength is in Him. We cannot do this alone, nor would we want to try. We thank each and everyone of you that are praying, giving, serving (along wih us) and that have helped in so many ways. It is our prayer is the you will be inspired to join us in this journey.

May God Bless you!